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My journey into the translation and interpretation field seemed predestined. With a multilingual upbringing, I was naturally drawn towards understanding various cultures and languages.


I started learning French at the Alliance Française of Madras, India, as a summer activity. Soon, I pursued that interest and landed my first gig as an interpreter as a summer job during my undergrad days. I was hooked. I went on to do a couple of more side gigs as a content writer and then started freelancing as a translator and interpreter through my undergrad and university days, doing myriad projects of various degrees of challenge ranging from simultaneous interpretation for a charged legal conference to translating technical manuals and specification sheets in the IT and computer engineering fields, all while being trained by practicing conference interpreters and translators.

Soon after leaving university as the reigning topper, I got to experience another side of the language services industry: project management and direct client interaction. As the Head of the Translation Cell of my French institute, I got to interact with all stakeholders – independent translators and interpreters as well as individual and corporate clients — which greatly helped me understand how to customise services for each client's and project's unique requirements.

I am a Certified PRO with and am constantly keeping myself updated on the latest tools and technology to be able to deliver quality work in short and reasonable durations.


Some of my clients include publishing houses (Swiss, British, American, French), NGOs, experts (agriculturalists, civil engineers, consultants), translation agencies across continents, editing studios, and advertisement and educational agencies.

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